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The paragraphs of this page are an important part of our Terms and Conditions!

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Last updated: 13/06/2019

Subscription Conditions

Trial Period

After you install the app, the first time you open a ticket or you open the app settings page, your trial period will start.
The trial period lasts for 15 days and you will have full use of the apps. This time is intended to give you the possibility to discover what you can do with the app and to understand if it works exactly as you need.

Getting a subscription

When the trial period expires, the app will stop working, so if you decide to keep using it we recommend you to contact us before this happens. Once you contact us we will extend your trial period for 10 more days so that after we've sent you the invoice to be paid via Paypal, you have 5 days to pay it, and we have enough days to activate your account. The subscription paid period will begin on the day we receive your payment.
All the settings you set up during the trial period will not be lost and you won't have to set them up again.


The app will give you a message when the subscription is about to expire, but it's up to you to get in touch with us if you intend to renew your subscription. The app will stop working at the end of the subscription period, but we will reactivate it as soon as you contact us to receive the new invoice. In any case, we recommend you to contact us beforehand to avoid any service disruption due to the expiration of the subscription.

Change in the number of Support Agents

Since the price of this app is based on the number of Support Agents in your Zendesk account, we recommend that if you are going to buy new licenses from Zendesk, you also contact us to buy new licenses for the app.
In any case, the app will keep working for 30 days, if the subscription will last at least that long, to give you the time to contact us, receive the new invoice and pay it. The new invoice will be on a prorata basis, so if you add additional licenses when you have only 3 months of subscription left, you'll pay for each agent 1/4 of the annual price. In the next renewal, you'll then pay the full amount for all your agents.

Change of Subdomain

Changing the Zendesk subdomain is always a disruptive change. If you do that during a paid subscription period, you must contact us if you want your subscription to be carried over to the new subdomain. In the new subdomain the app will start again the trial period, so the conditions in the "Trial Period" paragraph of this page apply.
If you want your settings to be carried over as well, we will be glad to help you, but we don't guarantee in any measure that the settings will work in the same way as they did, because again the change of subdomain is disruptive in Zendesk. What we recommend here is that you take a good screenshot of the settings of the Setting page of our app, and you quickly rebuild them once you change subdomain, and let us carry forward only the subscription details.

Other Fees

The only fee when using our app is the annual or monthly price per agent as stated in the home page!

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at [email protected]